Preschool and Kindergarten martial arts classes in Round Rock, TX

If you are looking for a fun, new activity for your 4 to 5 year old child, consider Master Yang's World Class martial arts classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Our Little Tigers program introduces kids to the basics of tae kwon do through a curriculum specifically geared towards this developmental stage. Through Tae Kwon Do moves, kids develop concentration and focus, hand eye coordination, and flexibility.

At Master Yang's, we provide young children:

"It brought my son Tyler out of his shy shell - he is much more confident now." - Mr. Kubiak

The instructors at Master Yang's Tae Kwon Do understand the unique challenges of teaching preschool and kindergarten age children. Our Little Tigers instructors will keep your child excited to come to class every time.

Getting started is easy at Master Yang's World Class Tae Kwon Do

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